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The VC industry is more open than ever, leaving multiple options for LPs to invest in opportunities through different channels. At Akilia, we have created a comprehensive investment suite of products for our investors, allowing us to support startups at every stage of their growth.

We look for long-term partnerships, both with our investors and portfolio companies.

How we do it

How we invest

Real innovation generally involves either a novel underlying technology, business model, contrarian view of an industry standard, or any possible combination of the previous three. New concepts are always interesting, but as investors, our job is to decipher the “Why?”. When investing, we look for straightforward, strong arguments of why a complex solution has the potential to penetrate and revolutionize its industry.

For a novel solution to penetrate a given industry, its potential impact has to outsize the cost of change for the stakeholders involved; if it doesn’t, the solution will not be adopted. We look for companies innovating to fix obsolete processes or standards in different industries. We consider a deep understanding of today’s situation as a requirement to identify the critical pain points & involved stakeholders in building a pragmatic and executable plan.

We have always been driven by conviction and not trends. We use multiple data sources and industry advisors to reach the conclusions that drive our decisions. While data is essential to recognize patterns, industry & sector-specific knowledge is key to finding outliers and anticipating potential outcomes.

From its origins, Akilia Partners invested opportunity by opportunity without the benefit of diversification that a fund may acquire from portfolio construction. The approach has required us to maximize the opportunity/risk ratio in all our decisions. To do so, dedicated diligence has been core to our opportunity selection, both in market sizing & dynamics, problem-solving rationale, risks analysis, and key company capabilities. Through the process, we build industry value chains, map sub-market sizes, and develop an understanding of the different processes and critical challenges. We leverage these knowledge maps to create industry theses that simplify our diligence processes for new prospects and allow us to find & track the companies that fit them.

How we Operate

We work with different accredited investor profiles with their individual investment needs. A multi-vehicle structure allows us to satisfy all their investment needs, from constructing diversified VC portfolios to maximizing returns through co-investment opportunities. Doing so gives us the opportunity to support our portfolio companies at all stages of the fundraising cycle.

Access to the best deals is a significant driver of the expected success of a VC investment firm. In VC markets, where most deals are shared through closed networks, access is gained through trust and value-add. We share our deal flow with the funds and individuals that we trust, who have been valuable to our portfolio companies, and proven to be insightful in the discussion around the future of different industries. For more than 20 years, we have been working with great entrepreneurs, investors, and operators globally with three principles: be trustworthy, valuable & insightful.

The breadth of knowledge combined with deep industry specialty yields the best combination for understanding how a specific solution may thrive in the overall market. As an opportunistic firm investing in different sectors, we combine our generalist team capabilities with the knowledge depth of our advisors. Their knowledge validates the specific underlying industry assumptions & technology, our sizes the opportunity potential, analyzes the company vision, and assesses the potential risks associated with it.

We believe in positive-sum games and maintain a flexible approach to funding rounds, becoming our entrepreneurs and co-co-investors long-term partners. Building a supportive & resourceful cap table is key to a company’s success, and we will always try to help entrepreneurs without pushing for minimum ownership quotas. In Venture Capital, long-term success can only be achieved by building a collaborative environment.


Process of industrial mutation that

incessantly revolutionizes the economic

structure from within, incessantly destroying

the old one, incessantly creating a new one

• Joseph Schumpeter